Greening, Before it is too late

Greening up has been on my mind as of late, so this painting today... is named

Greening, Before it is too Late

We all need to do our part...

Three Ladies

Three Ladies D.M.Rice 11/06/07

It is happening... I am loving the process! I am letting go, and allowing the paint to talk to me... a break through for me, after many years! Last night I based the yellow, not knowing what I would do with it in the morning... This morning I woke up, and just played with color, and this is the outcome. I like!

Good Morning!

Okay, just starting? ...

Take time to read my post from November 4th, and catch up with your weekly goal list ( just three weekly goals). Make them small, and do-able!
No one is watching. Do your best, and be happy if you accomplish all three.( Stand up and Dance !!!)
If you do just one, or two... that is fine.. Keep adding to your Creative time! Take small steps toward your larger goal of Creating for Life!

When you have caught up with your week list, create something for today,
Put it in your shop,( if it is finished and ready for sale)... but make sure to show us a picture by the end of the day! ( On the forum... in our Photo Thread, found here:)

Day #1 November 4th! Sunday!

My week's Goals, for November 4th- 10th. (Do your list of three goals!)

(make your list fit you!)

1. Frame up the paintings I need for the show coming up.
2. Paint a new canvas background each day. Prep each new canvas for painting sessions, so they are ready for me in a moment's thought!
3. Begin a few ideas in a sketch book for the Spring show.
Ideas are... Series of Spring Flowers, landscapes, nature.

There are no rules that say you can't do more this week, but try for these three!
You are not on your own... we are working together! Check into to the forums for Crafting/Business... for our thread that will go along with this blog!

Have at it! Enjoy the day!

(Ps... if you are a day early, or late... that is OKAY! ) ... It is a big world!
and if by chance you miss a day, that is okay,too! Try for 5 days a week... ) ! We can do this!

Edit: Painting session for today: Set of abstracts ... in bold red,yellow,black.

Abstract Energy!

New Beginnings! Who says that you can't begin again,